Joan Sutherland, early 1950s

Fischer-Dieskau circa 1948

Fischer-Dieskau circa 1948


Any list of the most influential 20th-century vocalists would have to include Joan Sutherland and Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau - but they were influential in different music, and mostly upon different singers. Art-song nerds familiar with the recital repertory of each would probably have to scratch their heads to think of even one song they both sang.  

So Record of the Week is presenting a trivia quiz:  in fact, there are seven songs recorded by both. The first reader to name them is welcome to enjoy seven complimentary tickets to Teatro Nuovo’s 2019 Bel Canto season, divided however you like over the performances on our schedule. If nobody can think of all seven, the prize goes to the highest number of songs named by June 7, and includes a ticket for each song correctly named. Send your answers to with “Trivia Quiz” in the subject line.  

Hint no. 1:  Seven songs, but just six composers

Hint no. 2:  Four languages, but two songs sung in a different language by each artist.

Hint no. 3:  Published radio broadcasts count, not just studio releases.

While you think about it, here are two youthful broadcast recordings of each singer doing what the other was famous for: Sutherland singing with incisive diction and thrusting rhythm; Fischer-Dieskau spinning an uncannily smooth Bel Canto legato line.