Gaetano Donizetti - Symphony in E Minor
Conductor: Will Crutchfield

Gioachino Rossini - Stabat Mater
Conductor: Jakob Lehmann

No. 1 Stabat mater dolorosa
Soli quartet and chorus
Tatev Baroyan, soprano
SarahAnn Duffy, mezzo-soprano
Spencer Viator, tenor
Dorian McCall, bass-baritone

No. 2 Cujus animam
Derrek Stark, tenor

No. 3 Quis est homo
Christine Lyons, soprano
Hannah Ludwig, mezzo-soprano

No. 4 Pro peccatis
Erik van Heyningen, bass-baritone

No. 5 Eja mater
Daniel Fridley, bass

No. 6 Sancta mater
Meagan Sill, soprano
Allison Gish, mezzo-soprano
Isaac Frishman, tenor
Hans Tashjian, bass

No. 7 Fac ut portem
Maya Gour, mezzo-soprano

No. 8 Inflammatus
Sarah Vautour, soprano

No. 9 Quando corpus morietur
Soli Quartet:
Alina Tamborini, soprano
Amanda Fink, mezzo-soprano
Christopher Hochstuhl, tenor
Vincent Grana, bass

No. 10 In sempiterna saecula

About the performance:

The Teatro Nuovo Orchestra is known for playing whole operas without a conductor. Why is tonight's concert different? Because a major part of our research work lies in learning from historical models of orchestral arrangement and leadership, which were in constant change. Our operas thus far were written for Milan, Venice, and Naples between 1813 and 1829 - a time when stand-up conducting was unknown in Italy. But Donizetti's symphony and Rossini's Stabat Mater were planned for Vienna and Paris in the 1840s, and for the concert hall, where the practices were different. Those cities had moved towards the model of a single director facing the orchestra without an instrument while Italy was still, even then, dividing leadership between the Maestro al cembalo and the Primo violino e capo d'orchestra. We have followed suit, and - as in the operas - have drawn on historical models for the placement of the singers and instrumentalists.

The distribution of the Stabat Mater solos to multiple singers also has historical precedent in its early performances, even though the familiar "oratorio quartet" was used at the premiere. Teatro Nuovo has chosen to follow the other model in order to introduce our vocal roster to the public as broadly as possible. Tonight's soloists include some who will reappear in La Straniera and La Gazza Ladra next month, alongside others who will be their "covers" for those performances."