Will Crutchfield conducting Guillaume Tell, photo © Gabe Palacio

Dear Bel Canto Fans,

This is a note specially for those who have followed our team’s productions at the Caramoor Festival over the years.

First of all - heartfelt thanks! Your enthusiasm and curiosity have made possible both the twenty-year adventure at our old home, and the creation of the new home where we are eager to welcome you for further and bigger adventures.

I want to make sure you know that, alongside all our new initiatives, we will be maintaining all the traditions you've enjoyed. We will still present all the afternoon mini-concerts, talks, and panel discussions that so many of you attended, still have a space for the traditional picnics, and of course we will continue to bring both major guest soloists and brilliant new voices.  But a lot will be new as well, because we've learned a lot over those twenty years. The time is ripe for a "next wave" in Bel Canto performance, and we have exciting new team members from Europe's bustling historical-performance scene joining us to help make it a reality. 

I invite you to "read around" on this website if you're curious, but even more to join us in the summer for a feast of great singing and drama! The whole Bel Canto at Caramoor staff and team is with us at Teatro Nuovo; we’re eager to meet you all again, and to introduce you to our amazing new colleagues as we take Bel Canto to the next level!

See you there,

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P.S. If you've enjoyed the Bel Canto series in the past and would like to help its expansion into the future, donations large and small are most welcome! Teatro Nuovo is a registered 501(c)3 organization for tax deduction purposes, and you can help it flourish by clicking here.