Resident Artists should be singers ready for full professional exposure; generally we expect them to have completed their formal studies, but exceptional singers still in school are gladly considered. Singers at earlier stages of their trajectories are encouraged to apply to our Apprentice Artist program.

How To Apply
Click Here to apply through YAP Tracker.
Deadline - Application must be received by Friday, Oct 6, 2017

Materials Required
At least two recent recordings and a current resumé and headshot must be uploaded with the completed application form on YAPtracker. The recordings may be of any repertory, including song or oratorio; the only requirements are that one should show sustained legato singing with long notes, and one should show agility. If you have good coloratura agility but no recent recordings that show it, you should simply record yourself on your phone singing some agility exercises of your choice, label the file with your name and "agility sample," and include it among your sound-files on YAPtracker.

Age Limit - No limit

Audition Information - Audition Requirements
We have no specific repertory requirements, but request that your list include something that shows sustained legato singing with long notes and something that shows agility in florid music.  You are encouraged to include songs or oratorio arias if they feature these qualities more fully than your usual operatic audition list.

Pianist Provided
Yes. You may bring your own pianist. Applicants granted live auditions may bring their own pianists or use the pianist provided by Teatro Nuovo for a fee of $25 payable at the time of audition.

Audition Dates and Locations
Oct. 14, 15 New York City
Oct. 19, 20 Los Angeles
Oct. 27, 28 Houston
Nov. 11, 12 Chicago
Nov. 17, 18 New York City

Each applicant must specify a first-choice audition location, and in the case of New York City auditions, a preference between the October and November dates. If more than one location/date is possible, please indicate second and third choices as well.

Opportunity Information

Program Dates
June 25, 2018 - August 05, 2018

Purchase, New York United States

Season Information
Mayr: Medea in Corinto
Rossini: Tancredi
Rossini: Tancredi rifatto*
Roles and covers available for Resident Artists:
Cover Medea (Medea in Corinto; sung by Jennifer Rowley)
Sing and cover Creusa (Medea in Corinto)
Cover Amenaide (Tancredi; sung by Georgia Jarman)
Sing and coverRoggero (Tancredi)
Sing and cover Amenaide (Tancredi rifatto)
Sing and cover Isemene (Medea in Corinto)
Cover Tancredi (Tancredi; sung by Tamara Mumford)
Sing and cover Isaura (Tancredi)
Sing and cover Tancredi (Tancredi rifatto)
Sing and cover Isaura (Tancredi rifatto)
Sing and cover Giasone (Medea in Corinto)
Sing and cover Egeo (Medea in Corinto)
Sing and cover Evandro (Medea in Corinto)
Cover Argirio (Tancredi; sung by Santiago Ballerini)
Sing and cover Argirio (Tancredi rifatto)
Sing and cover Roggero (Tancredi rifatto)
Sing and cover Tideo (Medea in Corinto)
Bass or bass-baritone
Sing and cover Creonte (Medea in Corinto)
Sing and cover Orbazzano(Tancredi)
Sing and cover Orbazzano(Tancredi rifatto)
*Tancredi rifatto is a separate performance of Tancredi, slightly abridged, with full orchestra and chorus, designed to showcase the eight alternate numbers composed by Rossini for later productions of the opera. These amount to nearly half the score, and include two major arias for Tancredi, two for Argirio, one each for Amenaide, Isaura, and Roggero, and the death scene for Tancredi written to replace the original happy ending.

Program Information
Teatro Nuovo is a continuation and expansion of the Bel Canto at Caramoor program, now operating as an independent non-profit organization and relocated to the campus of SUNY Purchase north of New York City. Resident Artists receive a stipend of at least $2,500 plus meals and housing for the entire period, and will participate in the Bel Canto Festival (July 28-August 5) at all levels. Those cast in leading mainstage roles are designated Resident Principal Artists, with augmented fees. All others will cover principal roles, sing smaller roles, and be featured in concerts and recitals.

Resident Artists will receive Italian language classes, Performance Practice classes, master-classes with resident and guest faculty, and at least one private lesson or coaching daily. A detailed description is available on our website (

Resident Artists are generally anticipated to be singers who have completed their formal training and have already begun or are about to begin significant professional work. Exceptional singers still in school but clearly ready for professional exposure may also be accepted. Our Apprentice Artist program is designed for singers at earlier stages of their career trajectory.
All Resident Artists will be housed in apartments on the SUNY Purchase campus, each singer having an individual bedroom and sharing kitchen and bathroom with up to three others. Cafeteria-style breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided Monday through Saturday, and there will be organized opportunities to purchase food (or travel off-campus) for Sundays. Participants who have access to housing within commuting distance, and wish to live off campus, will be offered a small housing stipend in lieu of on-campus housing.

Resident Artists receive a stipend of at least $2,500 plus meals and housing for the entire period. The only fee is a small charge for towels and linens, which is waived if you bring your own.