Teatro Nuovo – Italian for “new theater” – was chosen to encapsulate our goals and approach.

Why “Teatro” for an ensemble giving concert performances? Because the core of operatic drama lies in music and its expression. Visual elements can accompany these in many effective ways, but if the audible interpretation does not convince, the “theater” of opera is stillborn.

Why “Nuovo” for a program centered on old music? Because in all the arts, forward motion sometimes depends on re-learning the past, rediscovering things taken for granted. Verdi’s counsel: “Tornate all’antico e sarà un progresso” – return to the old, and it will be progress. We immerse ourselves in opera’s history not to turn back the clock, but to discover how its riches can be transmitted to the 21st century.

Why an Italian name for an American ensemble? Because all Western forms of musical theater trace their origins in one way or another to Italy’s invention of opera. Italian culture, like the Italian population, has become international over time; its propagation now belongs to the whole world, but requires profound knowledge of and connection to its origins at home.